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We believe that common interests are crucial for longlasting relationships and friendships.

It's not important to us what your job is, as long as you embrace art, culture or creativity.

Anyone over 21 can sign up for free within minutes.

Dating Creatives is the international online meeting place for people with creative interests.

Search for: relationship, network and friends across 40 nations.

More than a dating site

We think out of the box and challenge the average perception of a dating site:

Dating - meet interesting people.

Blog - share what you like, it´s an open blog.

Creative Network - post an ad, promote what you do on international level.

Space - sublets, swabs, offices, studios among likeminded.

Travel - travelmates, ridesharing and roadtrips with good people.


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We offer affiliate marketing opportunities, where you make money showing our banner ads on your site or blog.

You can also promote us on your social networks, like facebook, twitter, instagram, etc.

Maybe you have your own suggestion for a good collaboration? Tell us what you would like to do.

Nobody is too small or too big to participate, we pay well.

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Unlike most free dating apps and sites who often misuse private information, none, absolutely none of your private information will be transferred or sold to a 3rd party.

Your personal information is protected and confidential with us, because we value and respect you.

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